Garage Doors

Garage Door Experts provides a variety of traditional or special order products. Our qualified technicians can help you determine the best product for your garage door needs.

Traditional Garage Doors from Garage Door Experts

Traditional Door Standard Features

Standard Garage Door Rollers

Nylon 11-ball rollers reduce noise on open and close.

Standard Garage Door SpringsAll of our springs are painted and our torsion tubes are galvanized.
Standard Garage Door Step PlateStandard factory mounted step-plate and our unique one-piece, heavy duty U-shaped weather seal.
Standard Garage Door StilesAll center and end stiles are made of galvanized steel. Heavy-duty, 14 ga. industial hinges are standard.
Standard Garage Door Tongue in Groove ConstructionTongue-in-groove meeting rails ensure a tight, weather resistant seal between sections.

Traditional Door Styles

Carriage House Doors

Garage Door Experts offers the classic elegance of carriage house doors for your home. These special order doors are available in both wood and steel.

Carriage House Garage Doors in Wood
Carriage House Garage Doors in Steel